Call Our Turf & Soil Order Line

Ordering is really easy, just give us a call and tell us what products you would like and the day you would like them, we will also call you as the driver is leaving the farm with your order.

The great thing about buying your turf and soil from ourselves is that you are dealing direct with the farm, we are a small Lancashire based business who only sell our products within about a 25 mile radius of our base, unlike many other local turf growers who are supplying turf nationwide via the internet, this means that when you call and order your turf from ourselves it is still growing in the field ensuring it will be nice and fresh, and also it enables us to get your new lawn to you in rapid time because we do not have to wait for it to be delivered into us first like garden centres and turf agents have to. Infact your new lawn will quite often be delivered to you inside 2 hours of being harvested, (dont worry the worms come for FREE!) Quite often this time of year we are out of the office harvesting turf on the field, loading vehicles etc on such occasions we usually try to divert the calls across to our mobile or when this is not possible you can leave a message, or alternatively you can email us and we will reply quick as we can. TURF & SOIL ORDERS AVAILABLE FOR THIS WEEK!


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