Turf Production

We Supply a Range of Specially Developed Made in Lancashire Topsoils For Your Turfing or Growing Project.

Cutting Edge Technology

We operate one of the most technically advanced turf farms in the county and our equipment includes a turf monitoring drone so we know exactly which fields need feeding,spraying,pest control etc

Our seed is STRI approved and purchased direct from the producer, this allows us to choose our bespoke mixtures and see the certification so we know exactly what we are sowing

We operate a meticulous mowing regime with 2 rigs , one 25 foot set of Kesmac fine cut cylinders (usually used leading up to harvest) and the other is an 18 foot wide Trimax pegasus rotary which is an absolutely incredible piece of kit!! between them in the busy growing season they can mow up to 1 million square m2 per week.

We also have at our disposal a huge grass clipping sweeper,fertilizer spreaders and spraying equipment

When it comes to harvesting we operate 2 turf harvesters both fitted with fully floating cutting heads for improved rolls.

Weather you are turfing your back lawn in Lancashire or a sports field you can rest assured we are on top of our game!